Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Buckle up.

Well here I go with my very first entry. What to say...what to say?

Should I evoke nods of understanding from mothers around the world by describing how I've had one of THOSE days? You know. The kind of day when after you finally get the kids to bed, you find yourself sitting on the couch next to your empty box of wine, starting a blog, trying to wrap your brain around today being the last day of school. Summer break begins tomorrow. And now the husband is going to come in and find me with the box of wine pour spout in my mouth trying to get a little more out. Uh, like you do... What I wouldn't do for one more hand around here! It would make it so much easier to type and drink.

Or maybe I need to start at the beginning. Perhaps blogs need to start with some event, like a diagnosis of some kind. Some reason for starting a blog. Some reason that I can't live another day without having a one-sided conversation with the world about it.

The problem here is that there really is no single "trigger" event. Oh no, baby. This blog is evolving because of 35 years worth of stuff that's filled up my mind. (Technically less, considering those sketchy memories before age 8 and a bunch of large gaps from age 16 through my 20's.) This makes me about age 13 in brain years. Let's all try to keep this in mind if I seem a touch sophomoric at times, and in return for that courtesy, I will try to limit my fact sharing about Uranus. By the way, did you know that scientists theorize that it rains diamonds on Uranus? Seriously.

Anyway, besides Uranus, we have a lot to explore. There are stories from my childhood, antidotes about my nutty family and friends, random facts and thoughts, and life events that need to be relayed to you and salted with my version of crazy. So whether it's funny, intelligent, bizarre, or poignant; I welcome you along for this ride. By the way, I have no idea where we're going. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. Buckle up!