Saturday, May 25, 2013

Peanut Butter and Methane

Just finished grilling and eating dinner...the baby is asleep....the 6 year old and the husband are comparing farts while they enjoy dessert. There is a lot of giggling from them both as they agree that that last one "sounded just like an old T.V. turning on." I'm waiting in the living room to hear the next one that is promised to sound "just like a motorcycle going backwards."

It's our 10 year wedding anniversary, and traditionally (according to Google) this would be the aluminum anniversary. So Chris brought home a 12 pack of domestic beer. I've had 5 so far, and I have to admit: this is the best anniversary yet. Just sitting here on the couch, enjoying the view of my flower garden, drinking beer and listening to the original symphonies of the butt boys in the other room.

I think I've reached that point in my life where it is truly the little things in life that count. The small freedoms. Just sitting down and enjoying quiet. The occasional nap. The tiny culinary delicacy. An uninterrupted moment to do MY thing...whatever it happens to be. A moment to think.

And at the moment (since I'm sure you were curious) I was wondering why we have so many modified foods, like pig DNA mixed with fruit, and no one has invented peanut butter jello. I bet peanut butter jello would be tasty. Or slices of peanut butter wrapped up individually like American cheese. Oooo. Peanut butter flavored banana peels! I wonder if you threw a banana into space if it would go bad? Would a boomerang come back? Would a curved banana with a modified peanut butter peel thrown into space eventually boomerang back to the thrower and be in any condition to eat billions of years later?

Speaking of space and farting, did you know the atmosphere on Uranus is largely methane? I know...