Friday, May 24, 2013

Foggy Noggin

Yeah, so, the last month or so has been pretty rough. My brain has been functioning in this "after bars party" mode for awhile, and it's really hard to get it to work efficiently, and feel happy. First of all, there's been this group of hormones doing keg stands and then vomiting all over the place. There's also a bunch of dopamine receptors that must have gotten too high to do anything...I think they're just laying around in there listening to Cohen. And then to top it off, the serotonins were pulled over by the Stress Police and I think they've been locked up in county for the last two weeks.

But things seem to be looking better. Five very part-time jobs, a baby who laughed for the first time today, and lot of sunshine later; the fog seems to be lifting. It's hard having such a moody brain!

Oh, and this helped today as well. You've gotta love a bad shave job.