Saturday, February 21, 2015

Defending our children: a rant

Sorry to ruffle feathers here, but good grief you all sound like a bunch of close-minded bigots. Maybe you are, and are proud of it, and I guess that's alright. The rest of us listen to where you're coming from, and we are trying to understand you in that capacity. We've been listening to how hard you had it, how "kids these days" can't count change because of common core curriculums, how kids are lazier and softer, and how they lack imagination because they're not forced to invent games with sticks they find in the yard. We've been listening. Trying to respectfully listen.

I'm so sick of it I could build an outhouse and throw up in it.

I'm sorry you were so poor that for your birthday your parents bought you a Fedora so you could look respectful as you waved out the living room window while naked because you had no clothes. I really am. I'm sorry your experience has left you so jaded and with such black and white thinking that you're unable to try new approaches to education. I'm sorry that your four-year-old grandkid has to help you navigate your electronic devices, that you're family get-togethers are governed by phones and iPads, and that you blame Islam, Obama and Satan for everything that is wrong in the world.

I'm going out on a limb here, but my kids aren't any lazier than you are or were at their age. Their pride in America and their potential is partially dependent on your respect and judgement. We are listening to you. We are watching you slam the President of the United States. We are watching your constant disdain for younger generations. It's not much of a pep-talk. Your attitude does little to instill pride, trust, or respect in young Americans. If you want to hold on to nostalgia, go back to stirring popcorn in a skillet and walking to the television when you want to change the channel. Heck, I'll even churn butter for you if you teach me how to knit that sweater you were wearing today!

We are the product of your values. We are the product of your reasoning and raising. We are your children, grandchildren and legacy. We are young, and experimental,  excited to be great at something, and better the environment where we live. We need more teachers to show us how to take pride in ourselves and our country.