Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Poem: Attempt Number One

I thought to change things up I would share with you a poem I wrote today. It's tentatively entitled:

Winter Where is Your Victory?! Cold Wind Where is Your Sting?!
Oh Yeah. Here It Is. Right Here.
(I know, kind-of a long title, but it's a work in progress.)

Oh pale-lit winter!
Release my mind from your frozen manacles of monotony!
How long gone the spark of adventure I once felt
at the zooarchaeological recovery of chicken bones
from the boiled carcass of another soup base.

The profundity of scant and dappled sunbeams
falling across the cold, cluttered linoleum
to warm the top of the baby's bald head -
the brilliant alabaster of the sun on my son -
oh how it blinds my mole-rat eyes,
like a floodlight shining off of a crying, chrome legwarmer.

But the glow of home and hearth -
this barricaded den of safety and warmth -
serves as the bonding catalyst for the family!
"Enjoy these long days while you can, Jenny!"
I hear myself say to myself in third person
as I scratch another notch into the plaster wall
in the living room with my fingernails.
41 days until Spring.

Well, so maybe it needs some work. ;)