Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Basics of Getting Dressed

A formal analysis of what I wear, by hierarchy:

My wedding (I just had my mom do most of it)
Prom (I again had my mom do most of it)
Church on Easter (I mostly got this one)
General weddings and funerals (I ask my mom)
Church in general (God doesn't care)
Award ceremonies (This can get tricky)
Luncheons that might have fancy little sandwiches or something I can't pronounce (No idea what I'm doing)
Shopping with my mom (She usually tells me I "look cute!" if I don't wear a ball cap)
Business meetings (I look like a dork)
School functions (I try. I really try)
Eating at a fancy restaurant where they have waitstaff (Something that matches, deodorant, maybe jewelry?)
Traveling (Ummm...shower, clean clothes, brush teeth)
Target (Jeans that fit well, T-shirt with no stains or holes)
Leaving the house in a car (Bra)
Walmart (Wipe the ketchup off the corners of my mouth)
Float trips (It doesn't matter what you wear after 3 days camping on a river)
Taking the trash out to the curb at the last minute (Pants?)
Saturday mornings